Betting Baseball Underdogs

Baseball season is in full effect and the underdogs are just waiting to pay you off. The majority of baseball is based on the moneyline. The “Moneyline” basically means that the odds are fixed on a $100 betting unit. For example, if a team is listed as a -$140 favorite, you must lay $140 to win back a $100 profit. Now, If a team is listed as a +120 underdog, you only have to lay $100 to get $140 back in profit. Easy enough right? Check out my article on “Understanding The Moneyline” for more information about moneyline betting coming soon.

The great thing about betting the dog is you don’t have to have a winning day to pull a profit. Sounds funny but it is true. Paying attention to moneyline prices and identifying line values is very important. Let’s say you wager on two dogs in a particular day. Both lines are listed as +130. If both games split, meaning one wins and one loses, you still come out ahead with a $30 profit. It is also possible to have a losing day and still make a profit. The moneylines have to fall in place for this to happen. Let’s say you play 3 games. You win one game listed at +220 and lose the other two listed at +130 and +140. You just made a profit of $20 for only winning one out of three plays.

Last year the MLB Favorites have won 57% of their games. While NBA and NFL Favorites win well over 60% of games and College Football and Basketball Favorites win over 70% of the time. You can see how the underdog is baseball is so powerful. Let’s take a look. Every bet is one $100 unit. If you were to have bet all the favorites for the year, You would have won the majority of your plays but would be significantly in the hole. Now, buy betting on all of the dogs all year, you would have a nice chunk of change in you pocket.

Having a lot of different places to play is always a must. Keep a close eye on the underdog prices at different books. Compare the lines each one has to get the best value for your bets.

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