Mohammed Ali’s How To Place Bet On Favorites For A Living Review

Making money from horse racing is a very exciting activity for the experienced, but often it also causes the inexperienced gamblers to lose their fortune. Having a proper horse racing system is necessary to profit from horse racing. One of the horse betting guides that I have used and continue to use today is the How To Place Bet On Favorites For A Living manual.

This system is really different from other horse racing systems I have tried. It emphasizes heavily on making extremely safe bets, and I have learnt how to identify these bets by running my selections through a set of very strict criteria. Any horse that does not pass any of the 9 criteria listed cannot be selected for a bet. After playing with the system for almost a year now, I would agree that Ali’s How To Place Bet On Favorites For A Living system is statistically strong and when run through many races, has been achieved more than 90% strike rate as stated on the website.

This guide is suitable for both beginner and experienced punters, because the start of the guide explains in detail what is horse racing betting today. It also talked about some very insightful statistics that really astonished me about horse racing.

The greatest strength of the How To Place Bet On Favorites For A Living guide is its win rate of 89.52% and 96.35% place strike rate. As a statistics expert and a horse racing punter, I was really impressed with the amount of research he had done on horse racing. As a horse racing system tester, I would say that what he has discovered must have taken years of studying historical data and results of horse racing.

Do you know that favorites placing in a race is the most frequent and predictable outcome of any horse race? But, if you have bet for a favorite to place before, you will know how extremely low the odds can be. Ali’s guide shows a leveraging technique to raise your strike rate above 90 and compound your bet profits safely. You can learn more about how the author arrived at his strike rate at his website.

Using the place bet system, my best record to date has been 15 winning place bets in a row. With the leveraging technique, the small odds can be can be compounded into large returns. Inside the manual, I also learnt how Mohammed Ali used his 13 year system to make $265.12 with $15 at a betting shop in one day.

So who should buy How To Place Bet On Favorites For A Living? This guide places the user’s money in extremely low risk, and is able to produce an extra income from a small betting bank. The only small downside is that I need to spend more time, sometimes 20 to 30 minutes a day, to find my selections, in order to achieve the 96% strike rate.

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