Cat Food Tips – Food For Finicky Cats

Cats have a complete different digestive system then dogs. Cats require different nutrients. For healthy cats, they require more protein in their diet. Unlike dogs, cats are carnivores. It pains me to say it but cats cannot be vegetarians. Matter of fact carbs and too much of them can be harmful to your cats health.

Cats are susceptible to the same diseases as dog, like kidney stones or crystals; diabetes is becoming more frequent in cats then ever. That could be because of all the by products and fillers they tend to put in commercial cat food. Cats need less corn meal, rice, and veggies in their food. They need protein like beef and poultry. Some fish is okay but not a steady diet of fish. In addition, innards such as kidneys and liver and giblets should be limited for cats.

A well balanced diet filled with the right vitamins and nutrients will give your cat a long and healthy life. Also always, make sure your cat has access to clean fresh water. Cats should not have food that include by-products, such as meat and or bone meal, animal digest and added sugars. If you see a food with 45% or more carbs and preservatives, you should stay away from them.

Cats need protein. Cats need meat not meat by products.. Cats should get their basic nutritional need from meat, poultry, taurine that is an essential amino acid. Vitamins, minerals enzymes and fatty acids as well. If you notice your cat drinking more water then usual, increase the protein in their diet and limit the carbs to below 50%. Check your cat food to make sure it contains more protein then carbs, and not filled fillers like corn meal and soy.

Cats do get sick of the same food, so it is recommended you change their food from time to time. That is how they get the nickname finicky eaters.

Here is a recipe for your finicky eater

1-cup chicken boiled

¼-cup fresh broccoli steamed

¼ cup shredded carrots steamed

Chicken broth low sodium

Mix chicken and veggies in food processor until well mixed add enough chicken broth to hold it together. You can omit veggies and add a little brown rice. Just keep your carbs less then 50%.

For a change, use this recipe with beef simmered or even a piece of fish simmered until flaky.

Yes, our cats can be finicky but they do deserve the best we can give them. There are hundreds of recipes available for dogs and cats along with natural home remedies. Learn how you can give your cat and dog the best food and health care from products right in your own kitchen.

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