Are Fish Oils Good For Your Dogs?

Most people are by now familiar with some of the benefits that fish oils have on our health. But they might not be aware that dogs can also benefit from a fish oil supplement as well. Breeders have known this little secret for a while now and often give their dogs oils of fishes supplement to improve the shine and gloss of the dogs’ coats. But the benefits are more than aesthetic and can have many effects on your pet’s health.

Fish oil contains a number of fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. These acids can be found in other animals and plants also, such as sunflower opil, but nothing compares to the amount and purity of fish oil. Often these oils are lacking in our dogs since the oils are easily destroyed at high temperatures that even quality pet foods are cooked at and a simple supplement can go a long way in correcting the nutritional imbalance.

Oils of fishes can help with many of the medical conditions found in dogs, especially older dogs. It has been found to reduce the effects of arthritis, allergies, skin infections, eye problems and heart disease. Owners are especially happy with the effect that oils of fishes have on dry, itchy skin. Many dogs spend hours each day scratching skin that is irritated and dry. This annoying and uncomfortable habit can often be cured by just adding some little fish oils to the dog’s diet.

Arthritis is basically an inflammatory disease. Fish oils have powerful anti inflammatory properties and has been found to alleviate the severity of arthritis. Usually, results will begin to appear after approximately 4 to 6 weeks of treatment. Heart problems can also often be causes by inflammation and can be helped considerable with fish oil. Other types of heart problems, such as those caused by high cholesterol, can also be helped with fish oil.

Several studies have found oils of fishes to be effective in preventing certain types of cancer in humans. Though there aren’t as many studies for dogs, it makes sense that it would be just as effective for canines. Just like in humans, cancer is becoming more and more common in animals and if some simple fish oils capsule can reduce your dog’s risk, then there’s no way to justify not giving them this inexpensive supplement.

Though oils of fishes are extremely safe, high dosages should be avoided. Occasionally very high dosages can cause problems in humans as well as dogs. A simple program of one capsule daily will have no adverse affects and should be sufficient for normal supplementation.

Several hundred oils of fishes capsule can be purchased for a few dollars. The same capsules you take can be given to your dog. If your dog refuses to swallow the capsule, simply break it open and add it to their food. The dogs will not be bothered by this and usually enjoys the taste.

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