Kittens Evolution & Important Cat facts

The evolution of a kitten

On day one the newly born kitten depends entirely on it’s mother, it

cannot even control it’s body temperature on it’s own. On the next day

it will know which of it’s mother’s udders contains the most milk. It’s

the beginning of a race for the kitten; first arrived, first served!

Kitties evolve quite fast, on day four they can crawl up to 50

centimeters to join it’s mother. After seven days it can smell it’s

mother to join her & direct itself without having any eyesight

yet. Day ten: it’s brain is more & more capable of coordination

of it’s members. Incredibly most kittens are capable of using the

litter box after 18 days! At three weeks old it can stand up straight,

see, ear and react to it’s environment. It’s at the tenth week that it

acquires a perfect equilibrium. No kitten should be separated from it’s

mother before it’s ready to go on it’s own which occurs on week seven.

Felines stats:

-In 1987 a 30 years old female cat gave birth to two kittens!

-In Texas, a female cat gave birth to a total of 400 kittens in it’s


-In the 1950’s the oldest cat known a British Tabby died at 34 years


-The heaviest male cat was a Tabby Australian male which weighted

approximately 21 kilos.

-The lightest cat was a siamese mix bred which weighted only 790 grams!

-The smallest wild cat that exist is the black paws cat, it measures

only 57,5 centimeters long from tail to snout.

There are so many cat lovers in the world! With a total of 41

recognized pedigreed breeds, cats are the most popular pet in most

European countries and the United States. Over 90 million cats are keep

as pets in our American households. Over 27 million website, discussion

groups, web rings are dedicated to cats on the internet! Everything

from tips with your cat, feline memorials, breed associations, cat

lovers gift related ideas & much more!

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