Canary Breeding – Four Tips on Breeding Canaries

Canary breeding can be done for profit or mere enjoyment of the new birds. If you want to breed your own, there are a few things you need to know. This article will give you a few tips on breeding canaries.


Before you try to breed the two, you need to start feeding them a rich diet. This will help give them more energy for the upcoming egg production and physical activity. It’s best to feed the birds green vegetables, apples, and boiled eggs.


One of the main problems you may experience when canary breeding is fighting. The male will sometimes clash with the female. The male’s abuse may even become life-threatening. Therefore, make sure you keep an eye on things and separate the two if you have to. You can help prevent fighting by keeping the two birds in adjacent cages until they get used to each other.


You will need at least one nest for each pair of birds when breeding canaries. It may be a bit better if you provide two nests. The nest can be made from materials such as burlap, dryer lint, and shredded paper. Some birds can be a bit picky.


Most hens lay five small blue eggs, while some can produce up to eight. A week or so after she starts to sit on the eggs, you should hold each one up to a light to check for signs of an embryo. If the eggs is clear after all this time, you should toss it out. Make sure that you always wash your hands before handling the eggs. Harmful substances can rub off of your hands and cause damage to any developing chicks through the egg shell.

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