Seven Steps in Setting Up the Best Salamander Terrarium

Building an optimum salamander terrarium is very essential for your pet’s survival. Salamanders would love to dwell in a place where it nearly resembles their natural habitat. If you want to make the best habitat for your tiny creatures, then just follow the given steps below. These will make things a lot easier for you. Let’s begin!

Salamander Terrarium

Step 1– First, you need to determine the salamander species you have at home. If you do not have any yet, then choose one that has less work to do for a beginner.

There are 3 general categories of salamander habitat that you need to know. These are: terrestrial or land habitat, aquatic habitat, and semi-aquatic habitat.

Terrestrial habitat or simply called the land habitat is mainly composed of sand, dirt and soil with some plants and barks of trees it can be placed inside. Aquatic habitat is mainly composed of water. It is advisable that you use an aquarium for an aquatic habitat. On the other hand, semi-aquatic habitat is composed of both land and water.

Step 2-After you have determined the right habitat for your salamander, it is now time to set up your terrarium. 

Clean your tank or aquarium thoroughly with plain, warm water. Never use detergent or any other cleanser when washing the tank. They can leave remains of toxic substances that can harm your salamander’s skin. This can be very dangerous to their health.

Step 3– You can now add background in your terrarium.

Background may add beauty and elegance in your tank; however it can also cause anxiety to your salamanders. Hence, it is recommended to put one side (back part) on your terrarium, and leave the other sides for viewing.

Step 4– Start putting some soil or land at the bottom of the tank.

Make sure that it is evenly distributed and place them in the right position so other additional equipment can be put together with them. You can use gravel instead of soil so it will not cost you much since soil are replaced regularly due to its ability to absorb ammonia, which is harmful to salamanders.

Step 5– Place divisions if you have decided to keep more than one species, but it is optional. If you desire to keep only one species, then you will no longer need divisions.

Step 6– Put additional decorations.

Putting decorations on your terrarium can be fun. You can decide whether you will use living plants or artificial plants sold at stores. However, it is advisable to use live ones to promote its natural habitat in the wild.

Consider putting rocks and driftwoods in your terrarium. This may add further beauty and attractiveness. Make sure that your terrarium has source of moisture. Very dry terrarium can make your salamander ill. You can add a dish of water inside so your salamander will keep their body’s moist.

Step 7– Cover your salamander terrarium properly.

See to it that you cover your terrarium properly. A plastic lid that is securely fitted on top of your terrarium is advisable than a mesh or screen lid since it can keep the temperature low inside the tank.

Now that you are done reading the steps, you are good to go in making your first salamander terrarium. Hopefully, these steps will help you alleviate your worries on how to set up the right habitat for your pet. If you just follow this guide, pretty sure you will have a beautiful salamander in no time. Enjoy building your salamander habitat!

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