Burmese Cats Steal Our Hearts

You would think with a name meaning fortunate, beautiful and splendid appearance, Burmese cats would have a lot to live up to. It seems as though they are able to and they make awesome pets for families, because they are so affectionate and healthy. Not many complaints are heard about this breed.

Originating in Eastern Asia, the breed was brought to the United States in 1930 after being divided into two sub groups. The American group have a rounder stockier build while the British group maintains the oriental look by having a more slender build and triangle shaped head. The breed in general stay between four and 6 kilograms.

While Burmese can be seen in a large variety of colors, only four are recognized as breed standard. Those colors include sable, which is the most popular color, champagne, blue, and platinum. No barring or spotting should be present in the coat and it should have the soft glossy finish they are known for. Eye color should be gold or yellow.

Differing from other cats breeds by not having a large level of independence, they can be very clingy and right under your feet. It is recommended they not be left alone for very long periods of time Burmese have been known to like car rides. A big perk of the breed is that they love human attention and do wonderfully with kids and other animals. They have been compared to dogs in many instances.

Going along with being social, these have been known to be very vocal kitties. Owners have stated their meow is softer than their Siamese counter parts but can still be a lot to take in. It is common to need a break from your cat because they can be so talkative and clingy.

It seems that this breed of cat may have found the fountain of youth because they keep many kitten traits even into their adult lives. Continuing to play and learn new tricks including fetch and tag. Those adult lives last anywhere from sixteen to eighteen years with a very small chance of getting sick. The only genetic illness passed on is gingivitis, which they can thank their Siamese ancestors for.

Burmese cats typically have more pros than cons as pets. You still want to be sure this is the right cat for your household. Research is key and you will probably find that the breed is sure to please.

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