God Feeds the Birds, But He Doesn’t Throw Food Into Their Nest

Do you ever wonder why the same person can bounce out of bed one day ready to conquer the world and on the very next day he is totally lacking initiative and evidencing signs of complete laziness? Since, for the sake of this discussion we are assuming he was in his usual state of mental and physical health on both days what explains this difference? If asked that question I believe an answer along this line might be forthcoming: “I just don’t feel like looking after those chores today. I will do them tomorrow.” Well who or what is it that has suggested to us that before we can successfully do what needs doing, we have to “feel” like doing it?

The Concept of Duty

To some extent I think the explanation for this is found in “generational” differences. Those of us who are well into that time of our life generally referred to as being a “senior citizen”, grew up having instilled in us the concept of duty. Looking backward in time to my pre-teen years as a Cub Scout in Canada I learned that I must “do my duty for God and the King”, the King of Canada being George VI at that time in my life, not that it matters much who sat on the throne then, but the idea of having a duty to complete certain tasks in life has remained with me to this very day. As for example:

  1. You had a duty to obey your parents.
  2. You had a duty to serve your country in time of national crisis or great need.
  3. You had a duty to your family to do your best to earn the money needed for their support in life, by going to work.
  4. You had a duty to show up for work and would never consider telephoning your employer claiming sickness, unless you were truly unable to work,

In my early years, there was a bright line of separation providing clarity to the line of demarcation between what was and what was not one’s duty. My observation of today’s youth reveals that the line drawing that distinction is not as clearly established now, causing uncertainty in the minds of many.

The idea that a person has a duty to come to the aid of our nation in times of peril seems still clear enough, but in other aspects of life the line seems blurred at best. There is not much hesitation today, to call in sick when you are not, if there are more pleasant things you might want to do than go to work at your job.

In times past, husbands accepted their role as the wage earner. Wives looked after the children at home and made sure the house was kept up. Those days disappeared. Women have joined the work force and are now recognized as full partners with their spouse as both wage earners and in performing the household chores. The duties still exist but assigned to one another by mutual consent..

The truth is God feeds the birds, but He does not throw food into their nest. To eat and feed its young, the bird must seize the initiative and scratch around for the food. It is then and only then that it will have the means at its disposal to sustain life. We too must scratch around and do our part to earn our food and other necessities of life. If the world owes us anything at all, it is the opportunity to succeed in life. Once that takes place, if you are able-bodied and without disability, the rest is up to you to do on your own without regard for your gender.

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