Pet Lizards – Choosing the Right Lizard As a Pet

When trying to choose the right pet lizard,  there are many things to consider.  With such a large range of pet reptiles to choose from there are many characteristics to consider also.  There are red eared sliders, Leopard geckos, Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, and Chameleon. After many hours of studying and researching, the bearded dragon was the one we chose as the right pet lizard for our family.

There are four basic things to consider when choosing the right pet lizard.

1. Size is a consideration.  Some lizards like the Iguana can grow as large as three feet which can cause quite a problem when trying to find housing for a lizard of this size. The bearded dragon reaches a length of 18-20 inches.

2. Bearded Dragons are docile and easy to care for. They are great for kids because they are usually awake during the day and sleep at night.

3. Small Beardies can start out in a 15 gallon glass aquarium with a heat lamp and UVB fluorescent light bulb. It is crucial for any type of reptile that you choose for a pet, that you have a UVB light for the absorption of calcium.  Without calcium, their bones will not form correctly.

4. Diet consists of crickets, meal worms and lettuce.  They are usually a very robust type of lizard and don’t require any type of special care other than a weekly bath and reptile calcium on their food.

Keeping your aquarium near a window does not give your reptile adequate lighting or heat.  Always use the proper light bulbs and heat lamp.  Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature for your Beardie. It should be between 85-100 degrees. This will maintain your pet reptiles metabolism for a good appetite and proper digestion.

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